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Blueberry Blossom Honey & Biscuits Gift Crate

For the honey connoisseur: two jars of premium dark-amber honey made by bees from our farm's spring blueberry blossoms, along with a bag of our Buttermilk Biscuit Mix in a wood gift crate. The thick, rich, velvety honey shines as the star attraction, full-bodied and aromatic, perfect for drizzling on hot biscuits or cornbread or adding to a cup of tea. This raw, unprocessed honey contains the healthful antioxidants, minerals and enzymes you want in a raw honey, and a flavor that is straight from the hive. As with all honey that has not been heat processed, this honey may crystallize before you finish it. If so, you can use it in the crystalline form (just spread on your biscuit or toast) or set the jar in a larger jar of hot water to liquefy it before eating. Two 10 oz. jars of honey and one 12 oz. bag of biscuit mix.

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