Persimmon Hill farm

It's all about great taste

Since 1982

Persimmon Hill Farm is a real berry, fruit and mushroom farm in the scenic Table Rock Lake country of Southwest Missouri. The farm began several decades ago when we fulfilled our dream of starting a berry farm that would also be a destination, where families could come for a farm experience as well as great berries and fruits. Families could tour the fields, pick fresh berries right from the bushes, dine on hot muffins and cobblers, and taste the dozens of unique gourmet products made right on our farm. The Persimmon Hill Farm concept was never about being the biggest; it was always about quality and especially about the taste.

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Farm Beginnings

We started in 1982, turning vacant fields spotted with Persimmon trees into two acres of blueberries, with hives of honeybees for pollination. We added additional fields of blueberries, blackberries, gooseberries, plums and more, with the goal of providing top-quality berries and an enjoyable family experience near the then-small tourism town of Branson, Missouri. The concept worked and tourists began coming to our neatly maintained you-pick farm, where the blueberries hang like clusters of grapes from seven-foot tall bushes and the blackberries are huge on the thornless brambles in neatly trimmed rows. The addition of log-grown shiitake mushrooms began a new gourmet product line, from fresh to dried mushrooms.

Gourmet Food Products

After successfully growing nature’s most succulent berries, we set out to develop products that captured the true, divine berry flavors. We started with gourmet jams -- blueberry, blackberry and raspberry jams so full of berries and rich berry flavor that the products gained an immediate following. When we added shiitake mushrooms to the foods grown on the farm, we enlisted the aid of local Chef Bob Nicol to develop a signature product, our Shiitake Mushroom Sauce, a flavorful sauce for chicken, beef or pasta. Then came our Blueberry Barbecue Sauce, a tangy sauce that garnered first place in the American Royal International Barbecue Contest in Kansas City in 1994. A spicier Raspberry Summer Sauce followed, a sweet Blackberry Glaze for grilling and more awards for our products, including two more first place ribbons in the American Royal. Each year, we developed new products: Strawberry Rhubarb Jam; Gooseberry Walnut Jam; a combination blueberry, gooseberry, black walnut jam we call Nutty Blue Goose; three delicious Blueberry Syrups; and sweet heat pepper jams in three flavors. We now produce dozens of gourmet food products and ship gourmet food gift items and baskets all over the world.

Farm-to-Fork Foods

No berry farm experience is complete without delicious dining! We added the Persimmon Hill Farm  Bakery right next to our first blueberry field for real farm-to-fork dining during the summer season, late May through July, serving bakery specialties through early August. Visitors can dine on our huge Blueberry Thunder Muffins warm from the oven, or Blueberry Cinnamon Rolls, Blueberry Scones, cobblers, mini pies or other specialties.  Along with your foods, one of our signature drinks: Blueberry, Blackberry or Elderberry Lemonade, frozen lemony Blueberry Sleet or our Blueberry Milkshake. Desserts range from our oat-crust berry cobblers to signature specialties like the popular Cumulobluebus – a warm blueberry Thunder Muffin, split and served with ice cream, whipped cream and blueberry drizzle.

Persimmon Hill Farm was started and is still owned and operated by our family. It remains a labor of love for gourmet quality, delicious and intensely flavorful foods that we love to share with you, your families and friends.

Earnie & Martha Bohner
Owners and Founders
Persimmon Hill Farm