Persimmon hill farm
October 11, 2023

Sweet Heat Pepper Jam Appetizer - Two minutes to party perfection!

When you need a can't-miss appetizer but you don't have time to hunt down exotic ingredients and spend hours in the kitchen preparing it, our Sweet Heat Pepper Jam Appetizer is the recipe you want. Three ingredients, two minutes, and you have an appetizer that will have everyone raving. Robust flavors in the pepper jams are the key. I like to use three 8 oz.-blocks of cream cheese and all three of our pepper jams for a variety of colors and flavors. I top one with our mild pepper jam, Blueberry Jalapeno; another with our medium-heat pepper jam, Blackberry Habanero; and the third with our next-level heat jam, Raspberry Habanero. These have bold flavors, but don't be afraid of the heat! The creaminess of the cream cheese adds mellow notes that blend perfectly with the sweet heat in the jams. You don't have to add sliced almonds, but they add nutty notes and a little crunch - and the plate looks spectacular. Get the recipe here.

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